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Every year calls for a resolution — things you want to do for the rest of the year.

My personal culture is not as what others think. I take a pause in my ever busy life, distance myself from the buzz of urban living and see how had I been for the past year.

As I may recall it, through God’s Divine Providence I am thankful of the following 2007:

  • no serious family illness in my family
  • Tatay was assigned back here in Cebu South
  • My ‘lil sisters Wewet and Badi went back to school life
  • My younger brother Cocoy found a satisfying high paying job from his long time hobby and passion as a professional gamer
  • Ate Venus found a new job as ESLTeacher
  • promoted three times — from Market Development Officer to Market Development Specialist of Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc.
  • part of the remarkable team who ran the Cebu X 2007
  • became project director of the three major Christian youth activities in the church, namely: the General Youth Assembly(GYA), Christian Youth Month (CYM) and the Children’s Worship Service (CWS) Day.
  • been one of the kuya to the current to new breed of Christian Brotherhood International (CBI) Cebu South District officer.
  • finished my Masters in Business Administration (MBAE) from Southwestern University and gained new “master” friends.
  • visited Singapore and Malaysia for my master degree Educational Tour
  • delegate of the Intfair XVII training program held in Rotterdam, Netherlands with international exhibitions exposure in Koln Messe, Cologne, Germany.
  • side-trips Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France after visiting Amsterdam, Modurodam and The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • had a sweet little niece named KIM and watching naughty nephew JEBOT grow.

  • learned the wonders of BLOGGING.
  • humbly honored by the leadership and competence shown by CBI Alumni and officers.
  • found new level of friendship from my best friend Bembol and Ivan, and
  • knew how true love means with my dear “princess” Ayen

Definitely, the year that was is the beginning of another fruitful year ahead.


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