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Wha’s in a NAMETAG?

Most frequently, in an amateur event, this piece of paper or ID is looked upon lowly. But, for professional organizers, a simple nametag is a ticket to know the person intimately.

I came to reflect on the value of the nametag upon attending a small assembly of young people in Alaska, Mambaling, Cebu City. The event came to a point where they have to introduce the new members and attendees. It was a good start of the organization that afternoon, until the emcee’s began to say this lines, “can we ask the gentleman from the left corner to stand and introduce himself.”

What’s wrong with the line? Calling a person other than his name or nickname establishes distance and unfamiliarity. The ability to tell the persons name at a glance, on the other hand, establishes the organizers ability to pay courtesy, respect and familiarity to the participants.

There can be an excuse to this situation. The organizer might say, they don’t know the persons name so they call it by the possible adjectives we can connect to him. This may be OK for some, but if you intend to establish a long term connection with this persons, what just had happened was a big “NO, NO!” (more…)


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