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It took us 45 minutes by Ceres bus to get there. And after a while of endless talk we arrived at the “ampao” capital of the Philippines — Carcar City.

As expected, we came in first. Matet, Ivan. Mhedz, Ayen, Ruben, Sheila & Arland (a.k.a. Arlshei), Tyra and Poklat (a.k.a. Giancarlo Reserva) was met warmly by Melna. To our surprise Jebei came minutes ahead of us.

“Ambi nako kuya dili ko kaari”, Jebei blurted. He was from an academic project in Perrelos – a nearby barangay. Shortly after, Rael came with a half gallon of Ice Cream. Little did we know that that day was also Melna’s Tita’s birthday. How lucky we were.

The preparation took us barely five minutes. Banner is up courtesy of Poklat.

Emcee? Tyra (check). (more…)


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