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It took us 45 minutes by Ceres bus to get there. And after a while of endless talk we arrived at the “ampao” capital of the Philippines — Carcar City.

As expected, we came in first. Matet, Ivan. Mhedz, Ayen, Ruben, Sheila & Arland (a.k.a. Arlshei), Tyra and Poklat (a.k.a. Giancarlo Reserva) was met warmly by Melna. To our surprise Jebei came minutes ahead of us.

“Ambi nako kuya dili ko kaari”, Jebei blurted. He was from an academic project in Perrelos – a nearby barangay. Shortly after, Rael came with a half gallon of Ice Cream. Little did we know that that day was also Melna’s Tita’s birthday. How lucky we were.

The preparation took us barely five minutes. Banner is up courtesy of Poklat.

Emcee? Tyra (check). (more…)


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Gifts are best received when they come as a surprise. Definitely my 28th birthday became another day to remember. It was another leaf turn for a beloved organization and a reunion of friends and colleagues whom I spent time with.

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Every year calls for a resolution — things you want to do for the rest of the year.

My personal culture is not as what others think. I take a pause in my ever busy life, distance myself from the buzz of urban living and see how had I been for the past year.

As I may recall it, through God’s Divine Providence I am thankful of the following 2007:

  • no serious family illness in my family
  • Tatay was assigned back here in Cebu South
  • My ‘lil sisters Wewet and Badi went back to school life
  • My younger brother Cocoy found a satisfying high paying job from his long time hobby and passion as a professional gamer
  • Ate Venus found a new job as ESLTeacher
  • promoted three times — from Market Development Officer to Market Development Specialist of Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc.
  • part of the remarkable team who ran the Cebu X 2007
  • became project director of the three major Christian youth activities in the church, namely: the General Youth Assembly(GYA), Christian Youth Month (CYM) and the Children’s Worship Service (CWS) Day.
  • been one of the kuya to the current to new breed of Christian Brotherhood International (CBI) Cebu South District officer.
  • finished my Masters in Business Administration (MBAE) from Southwestern University and gained new “master” friends.
  • visited Singapore and Malaysia for my master degree Educational Tour
  • delegate of the Intfair XVII training program held in Rotterdam, Netherlands with international exhibitions exposure in Koln Messe, Cologne, Germany.
  • side-trips Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France after visiting Amsterdam, Modurodam and The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • had a sweet little niece named KIM and watching naughty nephew JEBOT grow.

  • learned the wonders of BLOGGING.
  • humbly honored by the leadership and competence shown by CBI Alumni and officers.
  • found new level of friendship from my best friend Bembol and Ivan, and
  • knew how true love means with my dear “princess” Ayen

Definitely, the year that was is the beginning of another fruitful year ahead.

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